Route (28-02-09)

A red line shows where we will be travelling on our route using something other than Zoltan our tusty steed.

The green line is a sort of holiday route, we will be visiting Sri Lanka where my mother was raised and taking a break from the rigours of motorbike travel.

At various points along this trip I will endevour to update our route page to show the actual route that we have taken as inevitably there will be some minor (and probably some pretty major) changes from our planned route.  Below is a list of links to google maps each showing a more detailed view of the actual route that we have taken, hope you enjoy!! 😀


Map Of Our Route Across Scandinavia

Estonia To The Czech Republic

Route From Estonia to The Czech Republic 

The Czech Republic to Croatia

Our Route From The Czech Republic to Croatia 


Our Route Down The Beatiful Croatian Coast


7 Responses

  1. You know the best thing about travelling? Experiencing the different foods that the world has to offer. Enjoy Estonia Chris 😉

  2. The route looks fantastic, mate. Good job on getting it up on the website !!

    Cant wait to see how your trip pans out.

    Best of luck !


  3. wakey wakey

  4. I love the way you have taken other means of transport to bypass Iraq and Iran!!!! great idea 🙂 Hope you guys have a fantabulous time x x K

  5. Suggested route amendment: Jetski from Malaysia to Australia. Or kit out Zoltan with an outboard a’la Top Gear.

  6. Watching the DVD of Long Way Round tonight. Very enjoyable, but I have the huge urge to throw stuff at the telly every 5 minutes – these luvvies had a team of about 20 sorting everything out for them, and you guys did it all on your own. Maximum respect!!! I don’t know one end of a bike from the other, but I’m very jealous.

  7. Thanks Alan 🙂 Yeah things were a bit different than for those guys but I don’t think any biker who was offered the chance of all that help would turn it down 😀 Pretty sure it would mean we could have gone a little more OFF ROAD!! 🙂

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