Incredible India?

Incredible IndiaIt is strange, before this trip started India was one of the countries that we were both looking forward to. You see the adverts showing the amazing scenery, historic buildings (some of which I had heard of since I was a kid, I even have a minature Taj Mahal that my grandfather had brought back from India), even the vibrancy of the place is somehow portrayed to you. Add to that the stories other travellers recount, some good and some terrible but in all reality you ignore the terrible ones thinking to yourself; “Ahhh obviously they just aren’t made out for travelling, they have probably only ever gone on package tours before, poor people!”in a sort of blind patronising manner. For us there was also an extra dimension, my mother was born in Ceylon (as it was then known, now Sri-Lanka) and spent her first eight years growing up in India so she had a special bond with India that we had hoped we would also find … Continue reading



After our brief visit to Australia we were back at Chennai airport haggling with taxi drivers and wondering whether we would find Zoltan still waiting for us outside our hotel, after successfully negotiating a price that we were all happy with we were whisked back to the hotel we had been staying at before our wee trip and happily discovered Zoltan still sitting there! 🙂 We now had five days remaining in Chennai to get everything sorted out to ship Zoltan to Bangkok as our flights were already booked, having this final date looming over us put a little extra pressure on us to make sure everything was ran smoothly but it also gave us something to aim for which we were both pleased about. Continue reading

Kuuma päikese eest merre sukeldun ma …

Om'i rand

Om'i rand

Peale Punet pidime me edasi juba  Chennai poole liikuma hakkama, kuna meil oli varemalt bookitud sealt lennupiletid Darwinisse, et seal oma Austraalia viisad aktiveerida. Kuid kuna lennuni oli ule nadala aega, siis otsustasime me korraks India laanerannikule poigata ning paar paeva Goast louna pool jaavas Gokarnas veeta. Jaime pidama Gokarna lahedal asuvas ilusas Om’i rannas. Monus oli paar paeva lihtsalt niisama loogastuda, ega meil neid rannapaevi palju siiamaani pole olnudki  ja koik olekski kui paradiisis olnud, kui ainult neid “toredaid” nii umbes kahekumne liikmelisi kohalike noormeeste kampu seal ringi liikumas poleks olnud. Continue reading

Riding the Roads To Rage!

After our short stay in Gokarna it was all systems a go-go again as we resumed our race for Chennai which we were hoping we could make within another two days hard riding.  The first day went fairly well, we reached where we had aimed for without any major incidents but on day two things came to a head between me and the Indian drivers with their appalling attitude towards bikers. Continue reading

Oh My Gosh It’s Gokarna

Feeling a little refreshed after our stop off at Pune we began heading south again, this time to a little place on the coast called Gokarna just south of Goa. The trip started off pleasantly enough with both of us enjoying the ride south but when it came to finding a place to stay for the night we hit the age old problem of “Sorry sir, no room at the inn” 😡 However, after a little searching and taking random roads in the hope of finding something …. we found something! The funny thing is I have no idea how it came to be there, it didn’t seem to be on any sort of main road and the town didn’t look to be of any great size or importance but for whatever reason it was there and gratefully received by the both of us. Continue reading

Teistsugune India

Meie koos Susani ja Susani tookaaslastega

Meie koos Susani ja Susani tookaaslastega

Parast Mumbaid oli meil plaanis nadalavahetus Susaniga Punes veeta. Teadsime juba varemalt, et Punes taskukohase hotelli leidmisega laheb meil raskeks kuna tegemist ei ole vaga turistide poolt kulastatud linnaga ning hotellid on rohkem suunatud nendele, kes seal ariasjus. Uks nn budget hotelli ule vaadatud, sai asi selgeks, et peame tostma veidi oma eelarvet ning arvatavasti maksma kahekordset hinda. Otsustasime, siis linna peal ringi vaadata ning uurida, mida saaksime endale lubada. Peatusime uhe pealtnaha mitte vaga uhke hotelli ees ning Chris utsitas, et ma sisse laheks. Hotelli fuajeesse sisse astudes oli tegemist aga vagagi uhke nelja tarni hotelliga ja seal olin siis mina oma tolmuse nao ja harakil juustega. Sellest hoolimata puudsin enda peegeldust klaasil mitte vaadata ning astusin kui miljon dollar beibe julgelt vastuvotulauale ligi ning uurisin kui palju nad 2-se toa eest ka kusivad. Continue reading

Pausing In Pune

Unfinished LorryFrom our previous visit to Pune and from what Susan had told us we knew that finding a cheap hotel was going to be difficult but we didn’t know quite how difficult! After doing a little searching though we finally found one that didn’t seem too expensive, Kadri went in to do her usual check over which was when we found out why it wasn’t too expensive, it just wasn’t nice!! So with her usual gusto Kadri went in to try and get a discount to make it all a little more palatable but they weren’t having any of it and didn’t drop a rupiah, “hmmmm Continue reading