Chillin’ With The Grillin’

After qualifying as SCUBA divers we still had a few days left until we had to return to Bangkok to pick up Zoltan so we decided to spend it with our good friends Patrick and Heleen, all that was needed was a little island hoping from Koh Tao over to Ko Phangan and boy did we pick the wrong day!!  The weather didn’t seem that bad but when you see staff wandering around the boat (ours was a highspeed catamaran) handing out sick bags you know you are in for a rough crossing but what made it even worse was that the bags themselves were see through, so if you weren’t feeling sick to begin with you would be shortly after the guy next door was, and sure enough, ten minutes in and after leaving the lee of the island the ride started to become a bit like a bucking bronco and the vomit-fest began! Continue reading