Koh Tao Part II

Christopher and Instructor Phil Heading Out For A DiveWell the time had come. We had all had a good lunch and were all now eager to start our first real dive in the sea. Somehow we had got really lucky and managed to get a dive boat all to our one group and then when we arrived at our dive site, the sunken tuk-tuk at Sai Nuan Beach, we were in fact so lucky that we even got the dive site to ourselves too! 🙂

Before we were allowed to go for our first dive though we had a small practice to complete! First of all we had to swim 200m which was effectively two laps round our dive boat followed by us treading water for ten minutes and I can happily tell you that we all managed this easily enough, I even managed to go for a short 3m (ish) skin dive to the sea floor!
Budday View Dive Centre Dive Boats Ko Tao Harbour
With the preliminary testing out of the way we all climbed back into the dive boat and started to get our gear on (apparently having a wetsuit on whilst attempting the swimming would give us an unfair advantage due to it’s bouyancy), after which we did our buddy checks and we were then ready to dive! 🙂

Christopher Stepping Off Into The Deep Blue YonderOne by one we walked to the front of the boat, up onto the edge and then did a giant stride out into mid air closely followed by the water, signalled the boat to say we were OK and grouped around a rope which led us all the way to the seabed.Once we were all there, Momma G (our instructor) gave us a little pep talk and assigned each pair of divers a position behind her, with lady luck shining on us again, we were assigned position one right behind Momma G which was also the best position for visibility as vitually no silt will have been stirred up.

For the majority of our first dive we redid most of the practice scenarios we had done the previous day in the pool but I don’t think any of us cared, we were all just so pleased to actually be in the water and diving.  I think we were actually all in awe, sitting at the bottom of the ocean, breathing away and having fish swimming all around you. 🙂Kadri Waving To The Dive Boat

After forty minutes out time was up (all too quickly if you ask me) and slowly we all surfaced before inflating our BCDs (basically a posh life jacket) and sat bobbing around on the surface slowly making our way back to the dive boat.


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