Koh Tao – Diving Part I

Buddah Dive CentreAfter arriving on Koh Tao we got straight on another bus and headed off for Buddah Dive Centre, unfortunately to begin with neither of us were particularly impressed with Buddah, it looked too big and too busy for us, partly because we were both a bit scared of going for our diving license, I mean sometimes you really are quite deep underwater, and alos we both saw this as the one big treat that we had promised ourselves over this trip so we wanted to be sure we were going to really enjoy it 🙂 With that in mind we decided to hire ourselves a minature Zoltan, Millie the Moped, and ride over to another dive centre called Black Tip that we had heard about to see what that was like.  Hmmmm, how can I describe the ride there ….. rough, very rough!! Getting to Black Tip certainly put Millie through her pacesPutting Millie Through Her Paces but once we arrived we were rewarded by a quiet little shingly bay and what looked like an even quieter and prettier dive centre. Unfortunately though, the people at Black Tip and the money in our wallet couldn’t quite come to an agreement over price so instead we decided it would be best to ride back to Buddah and do our course there. 🙂

Later in the afternoon it was time for classes to begin, thankfully though it was only a short class to let us meet each other and introduce us to what we should expect from our course and the wonderful world of SCUBA! Even though the Study, Study, STUDYclassroom was interesting it wasn’t why we were there but the next day, after a hard night of cramming and eating delicious food from the Buddah Dive BBQ area, in the afternoon we went one step closer and had our first practise dive in the pool. The practice session in the pool was fun, it let us familiarise ourselves with the equipment, how it felt to be wearing it in the water and some other rudimentary skills such as removing and replacing our regulators and inflating and deflating our BCDs. Once the basics were over we were off into the deep end, all three metres of it! Three metres may not sound like much but even in that small depth you started to feel the effects the water pressure had on your body. For me the afternoon session in the pool was great, I was as happy as a fish in water but poor Kadri had a bit of a freak out when she had to take her mask off and couldn’t quite manage it without surfacing which understandably was a big no no 😦 To try and help her sort things out instead of joining the rest of us in the deeper water Kadri was assigned a separate instructor that stayed with her in the shallow end helping her get used to removing her mask which by the end of the day they had partly managed. That evening we were both a little worried, Kadri still wasn’t completely happy with taking off her mask and if she didn’t pass that and the remainder of the pool tasks early the next morning during a specially laid on session she wouldn’t be able to continue with the course. With that in mind we started out on an unconventional training session, we filled the bathroom sink with water at which point I coerced Kadri into putting her head underwater getting her used to the idea that water wouldn’t rush into her nose if she wasn’t breathing out of it!! 🙂 Sunken Tuk TukThe training session may have been unorthodoxed but it seemed to work, the next morning Kadri flew through her extra pool session and joined us all that morning in our final SCUBA theory class, that afternoon we were off to the deep blue yonder and the hunt for Nemo, well, in reality we were really off to the shallow sort of aquamarine and the hunt for a sunken Tuk-Tuk!!


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