Time Out In Thailand

Whilst poor Zoltan was locked up in a crate sailing the seven seas (well two of them really!!) we thought we may as well use the time constructively. To begin with we thought we would go to Cambodia and see Angkor Wat and visit a hotel in the south run by some Estonians that had gone to the same high school that Kadri had gone to but after some thougt and a hard look at our finances we decided it would probably be better to visit Cambodia later when we could afford it more time, after all we are going to be in the neighbourhood for a while and there seems to be some cheap flights so why not!?

Buddah View Dive ResortInstead we decided to mosey on down to Koh Tao and do a diving course! 🙂 I had been to Thailand once before in 2003 and at that time whilst wandering around Koh San Road I was given a flyer for a dive centre on the island called Buddha View Dive Resort. At the time another traveller who had been there told me that it was a good place and that Koh Tao was a lot quieter than the more popular Koh Samui both of which sounded good to me. Roll on six years and the Buddha View Dive Resort information centre had moved just round the corner from Koh San Road onto Thanon Chakrabongse so after randomly stumbling upon it we decided to wander in and after a brief chat with the guy decided we were both sold! 🙂 We rushed back to our hostel, packed and at 18:30 wandered back round to the information centre to meet up for our bus.

When we got there we found out that we had been changed from the booking we thought we had on Lomprayah to the slightly slower Seatran option as the guy said he couldn’t guarantee that we could get the front seats on the Lomrayah bus for Kadri and her motion sickness. 19:00 then 19:15 came along and still no sign of our bus but at 19:30 in our guides wandered and we were off to our luxury bus, well that is what we thought anyway, instead we were off to sit around waiting in another office by which time we were both getting a little worried about the time and the chances of us catching our bus but as there were three other people there waiting and with the guys that were now in charge of us seeming very relaxed so did we. What a mistake-a to make-a, after another fifteen minutes of hanging around we were led off again to our bus, no wrong again, we (all seven of us) were led to our pickup meaning that two of the guys were to share the open air back with our bags!! Over the next half an hour / hour of the journey it became increasingly apparent that our new hosts didn’t have a clue about what they were doing! Firstly instead of taking us to our beautiful, front seats reserved luxury Seatran coach we seemed to have been taken to the local bus station (it transpired that they had missed the Seatran departure time). Then came the comedy “we have absolutely no idea what we are doing or where we are going” period where we were dragged around the whole of the bus station looking for our bus stand. Our hosts had already tried to abandon us twice by now (at two separate stands, God knows where those buses would have taken us) so when they tried to leave for a third time Kadri wasn’t having any of it which led to them agreeing to wait with us until we were physically on the bus. Ten minutes later and our luxury charriot rolled in, all aboard! But as ever it seemed something wasn’t quite right, although we had been told we were guaranteed front seats, Evil Eyeeven changed bus companies for the priviledge it appeared the front seats had been sold to someone else. Too late my friends, on your feet lose your seat, Kadri was already in the seat and she wasn’t about to give them up for anyone even with ten minutes of debate about it, so with us in our front seats and everyone else on the bus probably giving us the evil eye we set off on our ten hour ride to Chumpon, WOOHOO!! 😀


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