Agro in Agra

Getting out of Agra was a tangled web of confusion, no two people seemed to agree which direction it was so every time we stopped to ask someone we were sent off in a new direction, finally after an hour of riding around we escaped but not unscathed, pulling away from one stop where we had been asking for directions I wasn’t quite able to avoid a blinkin great manhole cover that was raised above the road for no good reason, we hit it but thankfully the bash plate took the majority of the hit even if it is now starting to really get bent out of shape, can’t believe how much of a bashing that bash plate has taken, definitely one of the better buys we have made for Zoltan 😀 Continue reading


Tadž Mahal

Tadž Mahal

Tadž Mahal

Joudsime peale jarjekordset sundumuste rohket tais paeva India liikluses lopuks Agrasse, et seal India koige kuulsamat vaatamisvaarsust Taj Mahali kulastada. Arvasime, et peale Turgi, Iraani ja Pakistani liikluses hakkama saamist oleme me usna valmis Indiaks, kuid heh miski ei saa vist selleks ette valmistada. Puuduvad liiklusreeglid on uks asi ning miski millega me oleme juba usna harjunud, kuid siinsetel liiklejatel ei tundu olevat mitte mingit lugupidamist kaassoitjate vastu. Taha- ja korvalvaate peeglid puuduvad kumnest seitsmel ning need ulejaanud kolm lihtsalt ei kasuta kumbagi.  Enamasti kehtib “Suurema reegel” koos meeleheitliku tuututamisega. Continue reading

You Can’t Top The Taj!

Woman Walking Along RoadThe ride from Amritsar to Agra and the Taj Mahal was horrendous, the traffic keeps on trying to nudge us out of the way and the roads aren’t in a great condition which means that I don’t get to see anything apart from the vehicles around me and the road in front of me which isn’t great and both Kadri and I are really quite stressed. Two days into this and a major introduction into city driving in the form of an accidental detour through Dehli and we have agreed that we will change our plans and ride to Mumbai, leave the bike there and then do the remainder of the India and Nepal sections by train. It hasn’t only just been the nightmare on the road that has made us arrive at this decision, we have had pretty bad drivers for a long time although to be fair to the Indian drivers they set a whole new level at bad driving, we also seem to attract a sort of very minor celebrity status when we turn up in a town, I know this might still be the case if we travel by train but we expect that to be a sort of status one of the early evictees from Big Brother a few years ago gets rather than the just won Big Brother a couple of days ago status that we seem to get with the bike. Continue reading

Tore sissejuhatus Indiasse – Kuldne tempel Amritsaris

Kuldne tempel oma kogu saras

Kuldne tempel kogu oma saras

Peale piiritseremooniat oli vaid luhike soit Amritsarisse, kus plaanisime paar paeva veeta Aemoni ja Keni poolt soovitatud sikhide koige puhamas paigas – Kuldses templis. Peale vaikest tiiru linna peal leidsime me templi lopuks tanu heade inimeste abiga. Tegemist ei olnud vaid uhe templiga vaid suure kompleksiga, mille uhes tiivas pakutakse nii palveranduritele kui ka muidu huvilistele peavarju. Continue reading

Golden Time In India

Golden Temple At NightWhen we first arrived at the Golden Temple we were totally surrounded which isn’t totally surprising as there weren’t that many Westerners there, let alone westerners arriving on a blinkin great big motorbike all of which meant the guards had to usher the people away to allow us to unpack the bike and move into our private room, WOOHOO a room of our own!!  The Golden Temple is a pretty big pilgrimage to a huge amount of Sikhs and allows anyone that turns up to stay for free or for a small donation, the pilgrims seem to be mainly left to sleep on the courtyard floor, probably due to the sheer number that must arrive each day, whilst Westerners are usually allowed to stay in a pretty reasonable dorm room but luck seemed to be shining on us this time as the dorm was full which was why we were given a room of our own.  It did make us feel a bit bad at points during our stay there though when we would have to tip toe our way back our room over sleeping families from small children to elderly grandparents. Continue reading

Incredible India

Indian FlagsOur last day in Pakistan and we unintentionally decide to sleep in, Kadri because she was up watching the Sufi night and me because I got into an in depth deep and meaningful conversation with on of the other guys at the hostel ….. no honestly I did!! 😉 Who knows if it was due to the late night or just because we weren’t completely sure we wanted to leave Pakistan quite yet (we were still thinking of heading up to the SWAT valley for a look see) but whatever it was it took us forever to get the bike ready, in the end we left the hostel just after two o’clock in the afternoon with one of the guys there promising to post our Pakistani postcards, lets just hope he does (he did!! 🙂 ). Continue reading

Tasuta teater Pakistani – India piiril

Lahkusime Lahorist taas viimasel minutil (mina ei tea kull kuidas see meil alati onnestub :-)) ning joudsime Pakistani piiripunkti viimasel minutil. Piirivalvurid olid aga vaga abivalmid ning peale tavaparaseid kontrolle lasid meid kiiresti ule. India piirile joudes juba krimpsustati meile nina ning tasaveeri uritati pistist meie rahakotist valja meelitada. Continue reading