Shooting Serbia and Battling Bulgaria!

Neither of us were really that fussed about Serbia, I know, I am sure we have missed something but we were both a bit warey of it and worried about corruption so we decided to push through it as quickly as we could. We spent our first night in Novi Pazaar and woke up the next day to a very different feeling, The Rotorvator Revolutionthings didn’t feel as “European” as they had up until this point, the architecture had a sort of communist twist and gave a Russian sort of feel while the people (and road etiquette) gave a more middle eastern feel, it gave a sort of fresh “we’re travelling” feeling 🙂 Since we were trying to get through Serbia as quickly as we could our day was mainly made up of riding along the main routes with little excitement and no views, the one source of amusement was the proficient number of people using rotorvators as transport a la The Good Life, at one point there was even a rotorvator show room (I’m still a little miffed that I didn’t stop and get a picture or even better take one out for a test ride 😀 )! Continue reading



montenegro-kotor-fjordsmallSiiamaani on meil piiri ületamistega libedalt läinud, EL siseselt ju mingit kontrolli enam ei toimugi, vaid Horvaatiasse sisenemisel sooviti näha meie passe. Jõuame siis Montenegro piirile ning tõsise näoga piirivalvur palub näha meie passe ning seejärel tsikli pabereid, Vaatab, uurib ja küsib siis: “Green card?” (Green card ehk Roheline kaart on rahvusvaheline vastutuskindlustuse tõend , mis on vajalik sisenemisel riikidesse mis pole EL liikmesriik ega EL majanduspiirkonna lepinguriik) Chris aga teadis, et meil ei ole seda vaja kuna kindlustusfirma, kellega meil leping on sõlmitud ei anna enam Rohelist kaarti välja ning kindlustusleping on piisav tõend kindlustuse olemasolust. Chris püüdiski seda siis piirivalvurile selgitada kuid ei aidanud see midagi. Piirivalvur muudkui ikka, et “Green card” ja “Green card” ja meie vastu, et “Pole vaja” ja üritame talle näidata nimetatud punkti kindlustuslepingus kuni piirivalvur palub meil otsa ringi pöörata ning tagasi Horvatiasse minna kuna ilma Green cardita meid Montenegrosse sisse ei lasta. Continue reading

Montenegro …. Don’t You Mean Mountainegro!?

10:30 am and we are leaving Dubrovnik and heading for our next country on our quick trip across Europe, this time we were heading for Montenegro, somewhere I hadn’t really heard much about but Kadri had read that it was supposed to be like Croatia just ten years ago when there weren’t so many tourist, so that all sounds very good then :-)!

We managed to leave Croatia without any problem and without any sort of stamp in my passport to say that I had left the country (even though I got one when I entered) but, as far as I was concerned, they know best so I just left it at that, after about a kilometre we are at the Montenegro border and having our first “discussion” with a border official!! Continue reading

Horvaatia – Juhuu lõpuks ometi PÄIKE

.Imearmas tänav VoloskosJuba meie reisi korraldades oli üheks minu sooviks ära näha Horvaatia ning sinna jõudes ei pidanud ma pettuma. Pildidelt nähtud kohad olid tegelikkuses veelgi ilusamad. Rohekas – sinine meri, imeilusad ära peidetud rannaribad, käänulised teed, kõrged mäed, terrakotta stiilis katused, tillukesed lilledega ülekuhjatud rõdud, peeneid jahte täis külasadamad, kitsad tänavad, segased ning kõikjal sõitvad/parkivad mootorrolleri juhid, külalislahked võõrustajad, maisipõllud, kirevavärvilised majad, isetehtud grappa, granaatõunad ja päike – need on asjad, mis koheselt Horvaatiaga meenuvad Continue reading

Croatia Continued (War and Peace Styleee!)

View From Our Hvar PenthouseThe ferry from Split to Hvar dropped us off at Stari Grad it was a short ride to the campground we had planned to stay at on the other side of Hvar town, unfortunately when we got there we found out that it and apparently all others on the island were closed for the season so it was back to Hvar town for us and the start of a beautiful haggling contest between Kadri and the locals! We had decided on a limit of 80 Kuna per person for accommodation but the locals had an idea that the bottom limit was 100 Kuna (a difference of about £2.25) but after several false starts where we haggled for about ten minutes, seemed to have an agreement and went to look at the apartment at which point the price went back up to the 100 Kuna local price we eventually found someone that was willing to rent us a private apartment for 80 Kuna, he was actually one of the first people that Kadri had spoken to but I had been dragged off by someone else so it took us a few more attempts before we got back to him. The apartment itself was very nice, it had a largish double room with bathroom and a balcony that overlooked the smaller islands off of Hvar, we were lucky in that we got there just in time to see the sun setting, it was a rich red colour and very very pretty, definitely a good start to island life! 🙂

Continue reading

Croatia – Part II

After two days in Preluk we decided it was time to move on and after a bit of a lie in and a new packing record of three and a half hours we headed off down the coast, destination … Pag! The route down to Pag involved riding down the coast to Prizna and catching a ferry across the water to Pag itself we would then head for Simuni camping ground which according to the pictures offered camping in a beautiful sun drenched cove, just what the travel doctor ordered 🙂 Now if I was asked to describe Croatia’s coastline in one word I think I would describe it as AAAMMMMMMAAAAAAAZZZZZZZIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN!!!! Croatia - On The Road To PagIt truly is some of the best coastline I have seen, it sort of reminds me of the landscape you see when you are watching the Corsica rally section, white craggy rocks, a small number of trees dotted everywhere, blue blue sky and to top it all off a beautiful clean aquamarine sea 🙂 Riding down the coastline is quite good fun too, loads of twists and turns with huge drop offs into that beautiful clean aquamarine sea with nothing but a few rocks to stop you from falling over but again for some reason, and the reason probably is because they can’t, there don’t seem to be that many parking places to pull over into to take any pictures, it really is a bit frustrating sometimes, I don’t think I will ever forget these rides along the coast or the beauty of the coastline itself it’s just a shame that I can’t take that many photographs to share it with everyone else! Continue reading

Croatia – The Land Of Technicoloured Houses and Craggy Coastlines

After our nights stay of kindness in Hungary we headed on down the road towards Croatia, we were both a bit grumpy after a bad nights sleep, me, I kept waking because I was worried about the bike and I was starting to cook in my sleeping bag, Kadri, I think she kept on waking up because I did! (sorry honey! 🙂 ) Needless to say we weren’t really that keen to stop that often and all we could think of was trying to find somewhere to camp before it got dark so that we didn’t have to rely on the kindness of anyone else (not because we didn’t appreciate it, more because we weren’t sure how often it would come around!). Continue reading