Unfortunately our time in Sweden would be short, from our camp at Orebäcken we had to push on to make Stockholm by Saturday. We decided that we would continue down Route 70 and aim for Mora for lunch and work out where we would camp that night. The journey through Sweden was an odd one, it seemed that it could be a beautiful place if you were able to see it but unfortunately on the route that we had chosen the officials had decided to make sure that there were no sort of parking places where any of the beauty spots could be seen! This sort of means there aren’t that many pictures either! 😦 Continue reading


Crossing Over To The Flat Side!

Packing Up At LomAfter our night in Lom we were determined to make a big push and cross over the border into Sweden to make up some time and take the pressure off of ourselves for making Stockholm by Saturday.  We woke up early (well early for two people that are supposed to be on holiday anyway) and set about our morning routine of packing up the tent, having breakfast and loading up the bike. Continue reading

Norway Part II

Ferry crossing at KaupangerNorway is a stunning place with huge mountains and great scenery which we would whole heartedly recommend to everyone (just not while we are here thank you!! 😉 ) but there is something strange going on, we’ve not personally been able to spot anyone actually doing it but we are sure that there must be someone travelling around all the rivers and lakes pouring blue food dye in them, the water colour is very odd, very turquoise and Continue reading

Norway Part I

We docked in Bergen at 6 and were lost in Bergen at 6:30, or should I say heading out of Bergen in the wrong direction and to make things worse one of my indicators had stopped working making roundabouts a bit like playing Russian roulette!  Once we were sure we were lost we pulled over so that Kadri could have another look at the map whilst I tried to take a little bit of the danger out of the roundabouts and fix the indicators.  Thankfully the indicators weren’t that broken (switch was a bit wonky but I think that happened when I dropped the bike) and thankfully we weren’t that lost although we had been travelling in completely the wrong direction!  A quick uey and Continue reading

Leaving Scotland :-(

Kadri and I finished work about a week and a half ago, we had ourselves an excellent night out with friends and work colleagues which we would both like to say a big thank you to. We also both got leaving cards and presents from our work, unfortunately I didn’t get to say anything to anyone before I left (in truth I don’t really like speaking in front of big groups of people so ran away to the pub!) so I just want to say another big thank you for all the kind words in the card and the wind up torch and Kadri would like to thank everyone for the best wishes and the American dollars …. Continue reading